Wisdom of the Four


The symbology of the number four is central to the Zia symbol featured on the New Mexico State flag, and has numerous meanings: four seasons, four stages of life, four elements, four directions. The number is also sacred and important in many other cultures, playing a major role in the mythology of several major world religions. This image from the acclaimed “Flowers & Skulls” series incorporates the colors of the New Mexico state flag and utilizes native New Mexican flowers (Mexican Blanket and Sunflower) to create a floral reference to the “Zia” symbol. The image also incorporates a series of repeating squares (four 4s) which is another regularly utilized element in local Native cultures (and, others world-wide), thus the title: “The Wisdom of the Four”. Printed on incomparably luminous and vibrant infused aluminum, your fully archival print floats perfectly 1/2″ off of the wall for a clean, contemporary look. High gloss or matte finish for hanging in areas with high potential for glare are available. Prints are personally signed by the artist on the back. Limited editions are also numbered. Canvas prints in a variety of sizes may also be available as are larger/custom sizes to suit that special space. Please inquire. Your print is made to order. Items will be shipped within 2-4 weeks of purchase.


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